School Days

School Days,
by Himanshu Attri

Glimpses of our past
the day we entered school
it seemed not so cool
we were given some melodies
and a pocket full of toffies
but we cried to be pushed
like in a city to be ambushed
they said “I am coming”
but they hadn’t came so soon
not before the afternoon
and it continued for some days
in between some fairy tales
we got used to be there
and said “not so bad in coming here !”
we had some friends, we had some trends
like beyblades and pokemon grands
teachers that served us
and the way they curved us
got to know our silly mistakes
some got vanished and few got habbits
days and days got went away
teachers changed , and features changed
trusty friends turns to lusty gangs
and some persons got ride away
and now we are just standing here
at the end we got 12 years
and now we tend to cry
like the first day we died

Q&A with Himanshu Attri

Writing and photography…
When it comes to writing and photography, I will say both are very related to each other because when a writer or a poet thinks about his creation every para or phrase is imagined in his or her self’s mind. Imagination itself can define how writing and photography are so close. In fact photography visually capture all things of a particular instance as a man and his written word may make you visualize the mentioned event in his writing…

Who, or what, left the biggest impression on you?
The biggest impression on ever had engraved on me is that whenever I was in trouble I saw some people are in more worst condition then that of mine. If we seek ourselves in our bad time we will absolutely find the reason for what and why it is happening.

Tell us a little about yourself
From the age of nine I use to write Hindi poems whenever I like to. In my early days my school teacher had admired me for continue my writing and encouraged me to try my words in English. It feels good when you see people read your creation and you make them to smile more and it is good to see people can’t believe that you had written something which is very unexpected from you by them. I request my readers they also may try their hand to deliver their thoughts.
It is very good to see that PRIVATE is giving new writers to have a platform where they can try their rhymes or dialogs and get inspired to do more.

djHimanshu Attri born in 1996 in Delhi India is a student of high school from science stream preparing for IIT Engneering exam and a Victim of Cerebral Palsy by birth. He had written many poems in English & Hindi Language. He has been on air on All India Radio for poem recitation, and published some poems in leading hindi magazines.



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