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Same Love

Same Love, photo essay by Stanek Jakub

Same love

Same love is an attempt to establish an intimate dialogue between the artist, showing the innermost face of the heroes, and the heroes themselves, who leave the doors ajar to their love stories. The document is showing homosexual couples forming families or marriage for over a dozen or tens of years. The protagonists of the project are men whose sense of life is other man.

Ken & Lyn
London, 1968
This year’s winter takes its toll on everybody.
18 year-old Ken had just left a cosy nest of his family home. Shortly after he had been absorbed by the London freedom fever.
Just like every night, on this frosty evening, he was in search of a house party. He found one, invited by a friend. He wasn’t expecting anything special from this evening. Ken wasn’t feeling well on that day. He had spent it preparing himself to a several-month long, solitary journey through Europe that was about to start the following morning.
He wanted to say goodbye to his friends and come back to his warm bed for the last time to rest before the journey of his life.
Around midnight, when he was going to leave, he saw him.
Tall, handsome, dark-haired, a little bit shy 22 year-old was standing by the door and greeting his friends.
Why hadn’t he met him before? Where were they hiding him during the last months?..

Jeroun & Rudy
Amsterdam, 1995
This year the summer came unusually early. Most of the terraces were taken out already in May. The sun was shining with its brightest rays.
The atmosphere was favouring social meetings, love affairs, freedom and living life to the fullest.
Despite the beautiful weather, for 24 year-old engineer, Jerome, May 1995 was a time filled with sorrow and frustration.
Dissatisfied, distressed, trapped in a relationship that for a long time hadn’t reminded a relation of two people in love that they had eyes only for themselves.
Even though his mind was indicating to burn bridges, to move on and to create still unknown, new future, determined Jeroun was trying to fight for his happiness. Everyday he was waiting for Him to come back from work, tired after hours of supervising a flourishing bar. They were talking little lately. Long gone were the days when they used to laugh all day just like in the good old times…


Q&A with Stanek Jakub

Photography is…
Photography is the main mean of communication whereby I can connect with myself.
Although all of my pictures are well thought out, I often create them basing on my intuition. That is how I analyze environment, people, and myself.

Photography and writing…
Photography and writing are two very strong media. In most cases of my works they are piecing in one whole. I am trying to use pencraft and photography in such a way to bond them very consciously. In my opinion, narrative through photos is equally important as the separate narrative through text.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
The work of Rafał Milach had the greatest influence on me.
Apart from the obvious aesthetic values of his pictures, I truly admire the way in which he builds the narration of his projects. Like most of the people I also had this stage when I wanted to make photos just like Milach was making. For a moment I was fascinated with Alec Soth and his long-term projects. At that time it was unattainable for me, due to my temper that couldn’t let me wait.

Tell us a little about yourself
In the past few years I was trying to understand photography, how it works, and how to work with it, so that I could be understood. I wanted to make photos that capture exactly what I had in mind, I wanted them to be literal, and I wanted them to be understood by everyone.
Right now, I am coming to the point, where I no longer believe in this principle.
I trust my intuition, and through a sequence of associations I create abstract picture. After editing them and putting together they make one story.

stanekjakubJakub Stanek (website) was born 1988 in Warsaw, Poland. He studied photography at Academy of photography in Warsaw and phylosophy at University of Warsaw. He has lived and worked in Milan for two years, now he is leaving in Warsaw.
In 2009 he began his proffesional career as a freelance photographer.
His visual expression is rooted in documentary tradition, but he attains an extreme photographic independence.

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