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Monique Jacot : Une vie d’images

© Monique Jacot
© Monique Jacot

09 Oct. 2014 – 1 March 2015 at the Das Verborgene Museum of Berlin.
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In her own country of Switzerland, Monique Jacot has a reputation for reportage and realism. But there is another side: a penchant for profoundly poetical pictorial narratives. Today she still walks this tightrope between social commitment and artistic intuition.

Born in Neuchâtel, Monique Jacot was taught in the early fifties by Gertrude Fehr at the Ecole des Arts et Métiers in Vevey. But she soon cast aside the trammels of textbook studio photography. She sought her themes in the streets and in places where reality was absorbed by the world of imagination: at the circus and in the theatre of those illustrious mimes Marcel Marceau and Dimitri.



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