Place #1, Italy, 2013

Five places from the series ‘Iperuranio’, photo essay by Valeria Pierini

Two guidelines for this work:
1. Landscapes have their landscape within us. Therefore, if I imagine them, I create them, if I create them, they exist; if they exist, I can see them (Fernando Pessoa, The book of disquiet).
2. To create a third world, beyond reality and imagined.

I recreated ambiguous world exasperating this two concepts. The observer tools for granted that they exist, but their veracity can be called into question, because of the appearance of extraneous elements.
The places in the images are marked out by simple numbers as titles, such as “luogo n° 1” etc.
Nothing connects with a determined geographical place, except a possible recognition given by the vision of the images themselves, which lead to make hypothesis, but without certain or sure clues, even about the real existence in the world of those places.
Natural vs artificial, true vs false, reality vs imagination.
The second part of the work concerns scene photos taken during the filming of the two videos that make up the project.
Images return empty and desolate places, shooting cities where there is human activity and natural landscapes little contaminated by man. The human presence is only evoked.

Place #2, Italy, 2013

Place #3, Italy, 2013

Place #4, Italy, 2013

Place #5, Italy, 2013

Vanish, video scene #1, Italy, 2013

Vanish, video scene #2, Italy, 2013

Vanish, video scene #3, Italy, 2013

Vanish, video scene #4, Italy, 2013

Vanish, video scene #5, Italy, 2013

Q&A with Valeria Pierini

Photography is…
the impression of an idea or a story.

Photography and writing…
photography and writing are sisters.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
Some artists, some musicians and some writer and a few great friend.

Tell us a little about yourself
I think the most important thing of art are the questions that leaves, I think that art is a reading filter of things, not necessarily immediate and understandable because art works through symbols. And this is its strength.

valeria-pieriniValeria Pierini (website), 1984, is a young Italian artist graduated in Mass Communication at University of Perugia. Through photography and video, Valeria works on the themes of the dream, philosophy and literature. She teaches photography and has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. His works have been widely selected in many festivals and competitions and published by many magazines.

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