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Day in a Life of Preshti

Mumbai,India – November 2014. Early morning yawn.New born starts her day.
Day in a Life of Preshti, photo essay by Neenad Arul

Over the past few years I have found the diversity of my interests in photography and attraction to subject matter varied widely.

Last year I did the craziest thing a 27-year-old could do: I quit my full-time-with-benefits office job without having another official job lined up. The short answer to that was? I felt that I was wasting my life at a job I hated. I was truly unhappy and found myself to be suffering from a mix of anxiety and depression brought on by low morale at the office and lack of time with friends, family and my passion Photography.

I agree its was not an easy decision. Been jobless for two months now and also being your own boss is stressful since you’re under pressure to put food on the table. There are also days when I feel I should get another job as it is an easy way out, maybe in future I would have to surrender or maybe not . I don’t have the answer at the moment. Yes, I am lost but I am loving it. Loving this process of living and not just surviving called Life. Good thing is now I have the control of my life in my very own hands. I take this situation as opportunity to think about re-organizing my life , finding balance and following my dream. One thing I know as an artist is if you have to make the best of any situation and find a way to learn, stay inspired and keep fueling your passion. As I continue my journey into the world of photo documentation I always make sure that my each approach and visualizations in my art have wide-ranging representations to me in meaningful ways far beyond my conscious awareness. One thing I particularly love about my photography is being able to capture something the way I see and feel it. Giving it my own twist is what I thrive for in photography. I know that no one else will ever see it the exact same way I do.

It has been important to me to photograph only what moves me visually and emotionally. what touches my heart and soul at the deepest levels. Luckily, with Presthi , I don’t have to look too far. Preshti is my younger niece, yes beautiful adorable baby girl. Born on December 2014 same month i resigned , She is indeed my main source of motivation. Presthi, means Ray of light.

Day in a Life of Preshti is one of my personal ongoing photo project in which I would be documenting her as she grows and I follow my passion.

Mumbai,India – November 2014. Mom gets Preshti ready for little sunbath.Sunbath is an effective remedy to treat jaundice in newborns.
Mumbai,India – November 2014. Preshti enjoys her sunbath. After birth, Umbilical cord is clamped . Eventually in few weeks the cord will become dry and will naturally fall off.
Mumbai,India – November 2014. Done with sunbath ,baby and mum shares a eye contact.
Mumbai,India – December 2014. Preshti on Nannies (aya) legs for a bath after a gentle massage. Massage has many added benefits for baby, including aiding digestion, improving circulation.
Mumbai,India – December 2014. Some steam to provide relief for colds, chest congestion and sinusitis.
Mumbai,India – December 2014. Nanny gets Preshti ready,some baby talcum and nappy.
Mumbai,India – December 2014. Ready for the day. Swaddling is the art of snugly wrapping a baby in a blanket for warmth and security.
Mumbai,India – December 2014. Ziaa her elder sister is up. Dad sleeps on floor giving some space for ladies on the bed.
Mumbai,India – December 2014. Preshti sleeps.Newborns sleep a lot – typically up to 16 to 17 hours a day.
Mumbai,India – December 2014. Ziaa Plays with Preshti as she get ready for her school. Ziaa is 5 years old now.
Mumbai,India – December 2014. Mom feeds Ziaa as Preshti sleeps.

Neenad ArulNeenad Arul (website) is a self-taught street photographer born in Mumbai. Network engineer by profession. When not at work, he focuses his creativity on exploring the hidden emotions and art on streets through photography. A curious spectator in the true, open-air theater of the streets. Through his work, he constantly tries to transcend the banality of everyday life.

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