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The nature calms us

December 2014. The beauty of the sea.
The nature calms us, photo essay by Daniel Santalla

Photographic session done in a place of the north of Spain, which transmits what I think about the life. The peace and serenity that gives us the nature.

December 2014. Feel the power of the nature.
GALICIA, ESPAÑA – December 2014. Saltpeter in the shore.
GALICIA, ESPAÑA – December 2014. Note like the wind rubs your fingers.
GALICIA, ESPAÑA – December 2014. She’s like the wind.
GALICIA, ESPAÑA – December 2014. Beach rushes.
GALICIA, ESPAÑA – December 2014. Let’s follow the course of the wind.

Q&A with Daniel Santalla

Photography is…
Photography has gone on to become one of my passions. An escape from daily life that helps me put my feelings and my worldview.

Photography and writing…
Photography is linked to writing as much as music, are three important pillars that if you know the three things mix well. Although I prefer to soundtrack in my opinion songs than just a title or short text explaining the picture.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
It was not anyone in particular, but the life around me, nature, sea, friends and family, my dog… all this set that I have around me trying to get my job done.

Tell us a little about yourself
My name is Daniel Santalla, I have 26 years and I am in northern Spain. I started in photography by accident, a little over a year. I try to capture the serenity, tranquility of daily life and give that touch bucolic surrounding my photographs.


Daniel Santalla (website) is a Spanish boy of 26 years, in love with the photography and the nature. I have turned this interest into my passion and little by little into my work. I began it does slightly more than one year for accident when I discovered of that doing photos helps me relax and to escape of the daily life.

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