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Wild Youth

We are Infinity, Lugo July 2013
Wild Youth, photo essay by Alex Garelli
[W]hen you are young everything seem to be more infinite. During the youth, we are all so full of ourselves not to realize how difficult the society is. We are empty but at the same time full of emotions. We are frail and we need to find the assurances that we don’t find in ourselves. We are made of dreams, fears, love, hate and infinite friendships. We are alive and we live of gazes, hugs and of promises too big to be kept. Wild youth is a project that wants to show through a young photographer’s eye the feelings and the emotions that unite young people all along.

We are shining stars, Fusignano September 2014
Sing, Rovereto August 2014
Surprise, New York City July 2013
Lovers, New York City July 2013
Dreamer, New York City July 2013
Shelter, Lugo September 2014
She told me to run, Ravenna April 2014
USA, New York City July 2014

Q&A with Alex Garelli

Photography is…
Photography is a way of communication through that I can tell my life.
I believe that photography is a way of see life around you. if you seize life how a photographer does, in other words in istants, you will watch everything with other eyes, appreciating more everything around you.

Photography and writing…
Photography, as i said before, is a way of communication and for writing i think the same. it’s an art form like the others.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
I adore Théo Gosselin’s photos. I love them because i’m enchanted when i watch them, asking me how beautiful his life is. Voila, in my photos i try to describe my self, my life in a romantic way to find an answer to my existence.

Alex-GarelliAlex Garelli (website), 1995 (IT), based in Ravenna.
“I love life and to live fully every single moment of my existence. I would live telling, this would be my dream.”

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