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Water Lilies

lisboa, aug, 2014
Water lilies, photo essay by Nuno Awouters

Science has demonstrated that each person makes their own interpretation of what they visualize, according to their experiences and what is more relevant to them. Therefore, one stimulus may evoke an infinite set of reactions and opinions.

This set of images, without outlining the assumption, let that every single emotion that floats through the perspectives, perceive itself that isn’t always easy to change the course, cut the roots and break up the trajectory. In these twelve peculiar records it is captured the prelude of the dismay and the tiredness. The doors closed and the ones opening. The future of dubious opportunities cloistered beneath the salience given to the smoke and to the dark and hot colours.

This series reflects a view on this character more and more labelled – the emigrant. The water lily that sails far away from the safe and comfortable, but forever attached to its origin. That undeniable root will follow him wherever he goes only for not being tied to the soil.

lisboa, aug, 2014
lisboa, aug, 2014
lisboa, aug, 2014
lisboa, aug, 2014
lisboa, aug, 2014
lisboa, aug, 2014
lisboa, aug, 2014
lisboa, aug, 2014
lisboa, aug, 2014
lisboa, aug, 2014

Q&A with Nuno Awouters

Photography is…
Photography is a dip in a vacuum, reinterpretation of the real. Pulling together the threads in communication that can never completely shut down the sender. Is an escape plan of a maze with no exit.

Photography and writing…
Grows a need for help in interpreting, contextualizing. Writing circumscribes a universal language, imprisoning her. The strength of an abstract thought eventually conflict with the written word.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
Tomas Joshua Cooper, his greatness to the world, patience.Distanced me from the abysmal side of creation, a certain serenity. Taught me the that live comes first.

Tell us a little about yourself
I seek the shadows of the enlightened subject, I collect loose letters which turn into words seeking to create its own vocabulary, helping to understand the world and ourself.

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Nuno Awouters

Nuno Awouters works and lives in Lisbon, Portugal graduated from Superior school of theather and cinema publications in Private, Fotofobia, Squarespacemagazine, Reportages photo, The… More »

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