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Tomorrow you’re there

2013, Italy – Ayuba is responsible for growing and harvesting vegetables. He dreams of being evangelical preacher.
Tomorrow you’re there, photo essay by Gianluca Rossetti
[T]he idea of this work was born thanks to the knowledge with the social cooperative Undicesimaora, a reality of my area that deals with job placement. Since the beginning, its purpose fascinated me, because it deals with restore dignity to the people, through work, albeit temporary. Undicesimaora try to give answers to very complex questions, in a time full of uncertainty and insecurity that never seems to end, suggesting to start from the ground.

Starting to frequent the place where working people inserted (a vegetable garden for a couple of hectares) I realized once again, as we are all equal before the needs: the need to meet their basic needs but also the needs, in doing so, to think about their dreams and desires and to always try to reach them. And here came the idea to portray each person within this project, with two shots, that is what I do today and what a day would do.

2013, Italy – Claudio deals with the collection and washing vegetables. Dreams of finding a job whatsoever.
2013, Italy – Antonio is responsible for growing and harvesting vegetables. Matthew dreams of becoming a clown.
2013, Italy – Mohamed is responsible for growing and harvesting vegetables. He dreams one day to be a footballer
2013, Italy – Leonardo is the handyman. Dreams of becoming a baker
2013, Italy – Roberto takes care of harvesting vegetables. Dreams of returning to roam the streets of Europe sitting on a truck.
2013, Ancona – Raffaele deals with the collection and washing vegetables. Dreams of returning to work as a waiter.
2013, Italy – Andrea deals with the collection of vegetables and to supply the rest of the team if something is missing. Dreams of becoming a deejay.
2013, Italy – Tobia deals with the collection of vegetables. Dreams of becoming a politician
2013, Italy – Alessandro is responsible for cutting the grass. Dreams of becoming a guitarist said.

Q&A with Gianluca Rossetti

Photography is…
I think about photography as a “support” which allows to show to the others
your personal interpretation of reality, strictly influenced by your own life, knowledge and unique way to face up the world.

Photography and writing…
I believe that nothing better than words could go with a picture; words help
you to stand out of the frame you are facing and bring you inside other
imaginary pictures, like you were creating a sort of little movie. And with
some music the whole thing would be perfect!

Who left the biggest impression on you?
Definitely Alessandra Sanguinetti, Giovanni Marrozzini, Alessandro Imbriaco,
Graziano Panfili, Monika Bulaj, Larry Towell, Eugene Smith, Trent Parke, Nan
Goldin, Chris Steele-Perkins, Alain Laboile.

Tell us a little about yourself
My interest in photography began in my thirties, when I took part to many
workshops led by authors I really felt close to. Nowadays I’m into wedding
photography, which is a good opportunity to practice reportage photography! At the same time I carry on personal photography projects regarding social and environment issues, that are my daily life occupations.

GianlucaRossettiGianluca Rossetti ( was born in central Italy, where he still resides. Is formed in photography mainly through workshops. Currently involved in wedding photography and in-depth reportage on topics such as social and environmental.

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