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Bialystok, Poland – November 2014
Input/Output, photo essay by Kamil Sleszynski

The project tells a story about prisoners in Poland.
I am interested how they think about freedom, what do they feel about it, why many of them couldn’t live outside prison and come back again.
These photographs I took in a prisons and in a centres that support ex-prisoners in the north-east Poland.

Bialystok, Poland – December 2014
Bialystok, Poland – December 2014
Bialystok, Poland – December 2014
Bialystok, Poland – July 2014
Bialystok, Poland – August 2014
Suwalki, Poland – October 2014
Bialystok, Poland – November 2014
Suwalki, Poland – July 2014
Bialystok, Poland – July 2014
Bialystok, Poland – November 2014
Bialystok, Poland – December 2014

Q&A with Kamil Sleszynski

Photography is…
For me photography is the meaning of life. When I take a photos I can create some story which tells about world around me. Every person who look at this photos can share my piece of world.

Photography and writing…
I think that photography and writing are connected. When we see a photo, we use words to describe it. Not only for the other people, but also for ourselves in our heads. With words we can draw a really realistic picture which looks like a photo.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
I really admire a few photographers. First is Pieter Ten Hoopen. His photos are incredible. He creates very intimate and terrifying world. But this world is also magical. Second one of my masters of photography is Alec Soth. His photos are very good in the technical way. This is not the only one good thing about this photos, which are also very climatic.

Tell us a little about yourself
I don’t like to write about myself. I’m a little bit shy, but photography helps me to discover myself and the people around me. When  I’m hidden over my photo camera I feel a little more brave than in the others situations.

Kamil-SleszynskiKamil Sleszynski (www.kamilsleszynski.com), 1982, independent photographer living in Bialystok, Poland. I’m working on long-term projects, focusing on intimate stories.

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