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Explosions of the hearth

Mountains of North Italy – October 2014
Explosions of the hearth, photo essay by Francesco Frizzera


[E]xplosions of the hearth means: pain, love, pride, courage, serenity.
All fragments, both positive and negative, which constitute the man’s life.
You have to love them all because they are part of you.

Garda Lake – June 2014
Cei Lake – June 2014
Rovereto – April 2014
Rovereto – April 2014
Cei Lake – November 201
Rovereto – May 2014
Mountains of north italy – May 2014

Q&A with Francesco Frizzera

Photography is…
Photography is my only way to express my gratitude for life. The greatest gift is life, it is fabulous, fantastic, eternal, disturbing.
Life is the most beautiful novel and i want  to tell through my pictures.

Photography and writing…
Sometimes i happen to write about this novel. I write about how much i am amazed by all the opportunities that life gives to me as a gift and i do it so that i can improve myself in the spirit, my heart and my soul.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
Ryan McGinley has left a great impression on me. His way of photographing  convince me to look at life as a dream that must be lived with open eyes and an open heart.

Tell us a little about yourself
I’m a guy who lives a simple life, tiny, insignificant compared to the whole world. But I am happy in this life, because I feel the ‘eternity of its meaning. I live in the mountains in a godforsaken place, I have nothing of what the youth of the ‘modern age have every day but maybe the reason why I was born in this place is my greatest opportunity to find out what is really great in this world and in this life.

Francesco-FrizzeraFrancesco Frizzera (website), 1992. I grew up in a small town in the north of Italy. I attended three different high schools in my country, before graduating from the F. Depero high school of Art. I don’t know if I want to go on with my studies in an academy or not. For now I prefer to improve myself through photography.

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