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Life in War

Cover of Life in War Photo:Majid Saeedi
Cover of Life in War. Photo:Majid Saeedi

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Title: Life in War | Autor: Majid Saeedi | Year of Publication: 2014 | Page Count: 120 | Size: 8″x12″ | Publisher: FotoEvidence | ISBN: 978-0-9894866-1-3 | Volume Price: $50 | URL:

[L]ife in War is a fruit of the 2014 FotoEvidence Book Award and it is probably the only book about Afghanistan that isn’t filled with images of war. For ten years, Saeedi’s photographed daily life in the context of war. Speaking the language, Majid embedded with the Afghan people rather than with an alien army. His photographs reveal the humanity of a people living through decades of war.

As Ed Kashi notes in his introduction, “By achieving the intimacy of the insider, especially as a male, he has found moments with women that are difficult to be privy to, let alone photograph. This work embodies the highest qualities of documentary work; he stays, he gets close, he finds intimacy, he cares, he maintains the dignity of his subjects, he surprises and he teaches.”

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