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William Eggleston ‘From B&W to color’

© William Eggleston
© William Eggleston

The Henri Cartier-Bresson foundation is featuring William Eggleston and is showing some of his most stunning works of art. From the 9th of September until the 21th of December 2014.
More info : www.henricartierbresson.org


[I]n the late 1950s, William Eggleston began photographing around his home in the south of the United States, using black and white 35 mm film. Fascinated by the work of Cartier-Bresson, he said at the time: “I couldn’t imagine doing anything more than making a perfect fake Cartier-Bresson“. He eventually developed a personal photographic style, that influenced his work in color a few years later. This is a unique view of everyday America, with its ordinary images: supermarkets, bars, gas stations, cars and ghostly characters lost in space.

Through a hundred prints in black and white and color, coming from different collections and some funds of the artist’s, the exhibition underlines the evolution, the ruptures and especially the radicality that appeared in the work of the American artist as he started with color photography in the late sixties. Already in his early works you can find the same recurring obsessions and themes, such as ceilings, the food, the waiting. The unconventional framing, like sometimes adopting the perspective of a fly, adds to the poetry emerging from these pictures.

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