Stories of The Landscape with Adam Panczuk

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@Adam Panczuk

Workshop: Stories of The Landscape with Adam Panczuk | Main Location: Warsaw | Official Website: | Workshop Calendar: from November 12 to November 16, 2014

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“Stories of the Landscape” is an intensive 5 day workshop with acclaimed photographer Adam Panczuk, which takes students through a fast-paced shooting project in Warsaw, Poland. Within this workshop, participants will conceptualize, shoot and edit a project with the aid of personalized feedback, class critiques and one-on-one reviews. Students will spend the week immersed in the photographic process as they think critically about their work, view inspirational materials and develop a deeper understanding of their own unique voice.

During this 5 day workshop, students will work with Adam to conceptualize, strategize and execute a personal project. Each of the five days will entail class time with a group critique and discussions, then students will be sent out to take more photographs. This workshop is designed for those that are interested in making a project in a very short period of time, by living, breathing and sleeping photography every day for 5 days! It’s a powerful experience.

The workshop is part of the first European Tour of the educational program Photo Workshop NewYork.

Submitted by  Laura De Marco