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Laura Liverani ‘Ulan Bator Photo Studio’

© Laura Liverani
© Laura Liverani

From 04 Oct – 30 Nov 2014 at the National Museum of Singapore.
Evening presentation on October 6th from 7.30 pm. The series Ulan Bator Photo Studio by Laura Liverani, is selected for the Singapore International Photography Festival.

Project synopsis
Ulan Bator is a booming metropolis. Despite its new skyline of skyscrapers, the majority of the population live in shantytowns called ger districts.
As an increasing number of Mongolians are abandoning the countryside to live in the city, UB outskirts are dotted with thousands of gers, the traditional portable homes of nomadic families.
Ger areas lack basic infrastructure and services, and most households live below the poverty line. But behind the statistics are the women, men and children who live, play, love and dream in the ger districts of Ulan Bator.
Ulan Bator Photo Studio is a temporary makeshift portrait studio put together in the ger district of Chingeltei in the summer of 2012.
It consisted of a camera, a portable strobe, fabrics bought at the market, and above all, a group of local youths aged 8 to 17.

The project is conceived as a collective self portrait of a community: the youths were in charge of running the studio. They invited passersby, neighbours, friends and schoolmates to sit for a family-album style portrait, and to share their thoughts about life in the Mongolian growing shantytown.
The project was supported by local NGO Mongolian Youth Services Center and Mongolian Photo News in Ulan Bator.



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