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Buenos Aires, Argentina – 08-2013 – Dafna

The affiliate link is defined primarily by their status as non-transferable. The link is constructed based on time, mutations, complicity and discrepancies over the years.
In this photo essay I want to talk about that link.

Buenos Aires, Argentina – 08-2013 – Zara
Buenos Aires, Argentina – 10-2013 – Santiago
Buenos Aires, Argentina – 10-2013 – Mariano
Buenos Aires, Argentina – 03-2013 – Malena
Buenos Aires, Argentina – 03-2013 – Mónica
Buenos Aires, Argentina – 01-2013 – Fernando
Buenos Aires, Argentina – 01-2013 – Cristina
Buenos Aires, Argentina – 08-2014 – Susana
Buenos Aires, Argentina – 08-2014 – Fernando

Q&A with Juan Ignacio Bernardis

Photography is…
As a child I used to take photographs with a tiny plastic camera (that had the shape of a soda can) and as I can remember from the very first moment I was aware that making photographs make me a kind of “master of time”. Thanks to that plastic camera my friends and favorite places were frozen in time. What always amazed me about photography was the ability to capture a fraction of second and make it timeless. No photograph is ever the same and each one triggers out a thought, a story or a memory. I think photography is the way humans struggle against time in a beautiful way.

Photography and writing…
There are photographers who have the gift of perfect prose and is a pleasure to read their texts beside their work. But as I don’t think I’m one of them I prefer to interfere as little as possible with own texts and let others speak out what impressions left my work to them.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
I remember very vividly the moment when I was at a bookstore in Buenos Aires and discover a huge book from August Sander. At the time I had literally no money and took me about two hours to get through all the book right there standing in the middle of the store. When I finished I knew i wanted to make portraits as beautiful and deep as his.


Juan Ignacio Bernardis (website) “I am a 30 year Argentine photographer based in Buenos Aires. I love doing portraits, I love taking pictures of people. I try through photography borrow a bit of them, their personality, their temple, their humor, their history, and capture an image that speaks about them so that everyone can see. As a way to vent a private world, a moment, forever.”

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