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Photo Exhibition

Dreaming In Koblevo

Untitled 2011; by Yuliya Galycheva
Untitled 2011; by Yuliya Galycheva

Photo exhibition Dreaming In Koblevo | Venue details: via Giuseppe acerbi 1A (Ostiense), Roma, Italy | Official Website www.yuliya.it | Event date > from 09-10-2014 to 18-11-2014 | Opening hours 18:30-22:00

[K]oblevo is a well known vacation place for the inhabitants of the ex-Soviet Union, ideal to observe the genuine vitality of it’s visitors, and to narrate the gap between the ideal and real worlds, to witness the difficult adaptation to the tendencies of the contemporary society.
In ‘Dreaming in Koblevo’ photographer Yuliya Galycheva has documented comic and at times melancholy-impregnated images in search of new symbolic and metaphoric archetypes that speak of the human condition in the moment of it’s maximum innocence.

Yuliya Galycheva is a Rome-based ukrainian photographer, with focus on fashion and fine art. Her work has been published in many international magazines.

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