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Sleep Of No Dreaming

The road,the last place
Sleep Of No Dreaming, Fabio Moscatelli
[T]he road, the crash, before a deafening noise of nothingness, the nothingness from which they are precipitated indefinite duration in people in a vegetative state, victims of road accidents.
There is a vague sense of floating, eyes wander in search of nothing, lost the senses, perceptions disappeared in an instant, the body becomes the prison of the soul.
You may still want to, want to, just think in this limbo?
There is no answer, the only certainty is that which remains between those who have given their lives before and now provides its own for these children, love.
In this sleep without dreams, what’s left …

“I do not remember my son as it was before, for me, my son is just him; I kiss him, tell him I love him and he speaks with his eyes.” Sauro, father of Francesco

faith is a comfort
A deep sleep,all the time
like flowers in search of air
wires, wires everywhere, a symbol of survival
As you are
suspended animation
Little sign of life


PRIVATE [ photography & writing ]

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