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International Photo Festival

Noorderlicht International Photo Festival 2014

© Danila Tkachenko Escape (Russia 2011-2013)
© Danila Tkachenko
Escape (Russia 2011-2013)

August 31 – October 26, 2014
Main Location Fries Museum
Wilhelminaplein 92, 8911 BS Leeuwarden
Open Tues – Sun, 11 – 5 pm
More info : www.noorderlicht.com

 The 21st Noorderlicht International Photo Festival 2014 “An Ocean of Possibilities” is inspired by the growing quest for different means to shape our collective future, in a hopeful answer to the structural failings of our current economic and political systems.

With To Have and Have Not (2013), Noorderlicht shed light on the causes and agents behind the current global economic and political crisis. An Ocean of Possibilities moves beyond dissecting what went wrong, and looks at the decisive potential of those who go against the tide and plot their own course. These may be individuals, small communities, businesses that think in terms of sustainability, or social enterprises. Whatever their form, they set out to realize a better future, not only for themselves but also for others, even if that means an uncertain outlook.

The 59 photographers from 25 countries selected are:
Jan Banning (NL), José Luis Cuevas (MEX), Loulou d’Aki (S), James Whitlow Delano (USA), Tom Fecht (D), Markus Feger (D), Katharina Fitz (A), Ana Galan (E), Douglas Gayeton (USA), Khaled Hasan (BGD), Roc Herms (E), Jonathan Kalan (USA), Lioba Keuck (D), Francesco Lastrucci (I), Surendra Lawoti (NEP/CDN), Yijun Liao (CHI), Weixiang Lim (SGP), Cyril Marcilhacy (F), Alex Masi (I), Wawi Navarroza (FIL), Matthew O’Brien (USA), Zhao Renhui (SGP), Oliver Ressler & Ana Pecar (A & SLV). Sasha Rudensky (RUS), Jo Metson Scott (GB), Prasiit Sthapit (NEP), Jens Sundheim (D), Vero Bielinski (D), Carlotta Cardana (I), Matthew Niederhauser (USA), Tomasz Tomaszewski (PL), Denis Rouvre (F), Fern Leigh Albert (GB), Maja Daniels (S), Åsa Sjöström (S), Laura Hynd (GB), Sasha Bezzubov (UA/USA), Withit Chanthamarit (THA), Stefano De Luigi (I), Dana Matthews (USA), Giorgio Di Noto (I), Laura El-Tantawy (GB/EG), Kirill Golovchenko (UA), Paul Thulin (USA), Zia Zeff (F/ARG), Nermine Hammam (EG), Vladyslav Krasnoshchok & Sergiy Lebe- dynskyy (UA), Frederic Lezmi (D/LIB), Marcelo Enrique Londoño (COL), Ben Roberts (GB), Johann Rousselot (F), Angelos Tzortzinis (GR), John Vink (B), Marrigje de Maar (NL), Danila Tkachenko (RUS)

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