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International Photo Festival

The 5th Daegu Photo Biennale

© Andrea Bruce
© Andrea Bruce

From Friday, September 12th, 2014 until Sunday, October 19th, 2014
Daegu Photo Biennale (South Korea)
Exhibition Themes :¬†‚Äė Photographic Narrative ‚Äô
More info: daeguphoto.com

[D]aegu has long been leading Korea’s photography culture. Based on its historical, cultural and human resources, the city is hosting the Daegu Photo Biennale in order to achieve a quantum leap as a mainstream leader of photographic art. The event seeks a new direction of modern photography in order to cope with the expandability of photos and rapid changes in photographic art in a digital technology environment.

The photographers are:
Alejandro Chaskielberg,¬†Alfredo de Stefano,¬†Luis Gonzalez Palma,¬†Marcos Lopez,¬†Musuk Nolte,¬†Bohnchang Koo,¬†Wangechi Mutu,¬†Wang Qingsong,¬†Yamamoto Masao,¬†Angelica Dass,¬†Azadeh Akhlaghi,¬†BoMu,¬†Caio Reisewitz,¬†Chen Nong,¬†Cristina de Middel,¬†Donghee Koo,¬†Greg Semu,¬†Luo Dan,¬†Myoungho Lee,¬†Namsa Leuba,¬†Oscar Munoz,¬†Robert Zhao Renhui,¬†Roger Ballen,¬†Shigeyuki Kihara,¬†Vik Muniz,¬†Yang Yongliang,¬†Yee I-Lann,¬†Che Onejoon,¬†Kudzanai Chiurai,¬†Roberto Huarcaya,¬†Sungpil Han…

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