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Confoederatio Helvetica Mea

Melide, Switzerland – August 2014. Swiss Miniature
Confoederatio Helvetica Mea, Christian Nilson
[I] have over the last year been taking a closer look at my home country of choice, Switzerland. As a foreigner living here I guess I see things a bit different from what the Swiss do.

This series is an homage to Switzerland and the things I have learned to love and hate about the country. Yes, there are some cliches in the series, but what would a country be without them, but it’s more than cliches it’s Switzerland they way I see it, it’s my Switzerland.

Pilatus, Switzerland – May 2014. Church on ridge
Neuhausen, Switzerland – March 2014. The Rhein falls
Pilatus, Switzerland – May 2014. Ram
Appenzell, Switzerland – June 2014. Man with flower
Interlaken, Switzerland – June 2014. Man with suspenders
Zurich, Switzerland – June 2014. Two recruits
Weinfelden, Switzerland – August 2014. Two girls
Broc, Switzerland – July 2014 – Maison du Chocolat, two men
Gonten, Switzerland – July 2014 – Choir man
Gonten, Switzerland – July 2014 – 2nd price
Gonten, Switzerland – July 2014 – Two farmers

Q&A with Christian Nilson

Photography is…
…next to my family and friends, everything to me; my way to figure out who I really am and how I fit in.

Photography and writing…
…are to me to very different disciplines, one I enjoy and one I don’t, one I’m ok at and one I’m not. I really admire people who can do both well

Who left the biggest impression on you?
As a person; my parents. As a photographer; the list is long, but the two people who have really made me think about my photography and why I do what I do are, Margot Wallard and JH Engström.

Tell us a little about yourself
I’m a 37 year old Swede, living in Switzerland with my wife and daughter. I’m in the long and bumpy process of turning my passion into something I can also live off.

ChristianNilsonChristian Nilson ( born in Sweden, is an autodidact photographer living in Zurich with his wife and daughter. His roots in Street Photography and the many km spent walking the streets have made him unique in his way of covering stories. Always working with a flash, his style is different; raw and pure with an eye for details.



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