© Lise Sarfati - Sloane #06 Oakland, CA 2005
© Lise Sarfati – Sloane #06 Oakland, CA 2005

Workshop with Lise Sarfati | Main Location: bar Floreal.photographie, 43 rue des couronnes 75020, France | Website: www.eyesinprogress.com | Calendar: Applications are open until October 22nd, 2014 | Workshop fee: 700€

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[F]rom the 21st until the 23rd of November 2014, during Photo Month in Paris, the artist Lise Sarfati will lead a workshop at bar Floréal.photographie, 43 rue des Couronnes 75020 Paris. The workshop is open to 9 participants, professional photographers, advanced amateurs or artists who wish to improve their visual language.

The aim of the class is to learn the process of creation of a body of work while focusing on the soul of the photographic project. Gain insight on how to choose the theme until the realization of the project and create at the end a contemporary photographic series. Most of all, the workshop with Lise Sarfati will help you discover your own visual language as well as conceptual know-how.

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