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A view of a Portuguese village where ones of the poor family lives

The latest, by Tommaso Rada

The Latest is journey in the lower Portuguese social class, the struggle that 3 millions of Portuguese live every day, the 30% of Portuguese population considered poor. Several of these people cannot find a job, which is so lucky very often receive a salary under 400 euros per month. Very often these families live in decadent houses or in garages sometime without electricity other time without water.

The problems began before the economical crisis and then they got worst: the salaries were cut; the state helps reduced or disappeared. The lack of instruction of some member of the families, the impossibility to find a job, the terrible condition of life are the signs of a system that failed, then the economical crisis and the laws done to solve it were just the lethal blow.
When there was any more hope an NGO proposed to several families to build a proper house, the families would pay just the materials and would help in the construction. This new houses doesn’t solve all their problems, but for sure they assure better condition of life and a hope that things can change.

Clara recycling the last drops of milk. Clara lives with her housband and her son, Antonio, in the north of Portugal in a house without tap water. The house is in very bad condition, some of the window glass are missing, the wooden floor is falling apart, rats invade the domestic places and when it ray it enter inside the roof.
One of the sons of Manuela working on his computer. Manuela is a single mother and it is more than 10 years that she lives with her three sons in a garage.
Isabel, Maria’s daughter, sleeps sick in her mother bed.

Isabel, Maria’s daughter, went out from her grandparents house after a discussion with her brother.

Clara stand in the field where she grows some vegetable.

Clara going out from her house.
A local NGO buids a new house for the Costa Family. composed by Joaquin and Clara (grandparents), Maria (mother) and her 4 sons (Ricardo, Hugo, Victor and Manuel) and 1 daughter (Isabel). They all live in the grandparent’s house that is a 2 rooms house. The only one that is working is Hugo that is employed in a textile factory and gain the minimum salary, 400€, the only income for the whole family.

The Preto’s family is composed by 2 parents and 2 mentally hill “children” (21 and 18). Both the parents lost their job, recently they stop receiving contribution for the children. After the cut on the help from the state they live with 300 euros and pay 190 euros of rent
One of the sons of Manuela moving a forniture insede their new house.
Clara hangs a decorative plate on a wall of her new house.
One of Manuela’s sons look at the window of his new house.
Clara stand out of her new house.

DSC_1900avatar1Tommaso Rada (www.tommasorada.com) is an italian photographer based in the north of Portugal. From 2010 he is represented by 4SeePhoto agency. His work has been published in magazine and newspaper such as Financial Time, Der Spiegel, Monocle, Forbes Brazil among others. He collaborated with Unicef Mozambique. In 2012 he won the first prize in the category environment of the Estação Imagem competition, the main Portuguese photojournalist award.

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Tommaso Rada

Tommaso Rada is an italian photographer based in the north of Portugal. From 2010 he is represented by 4SeePhoto agency. His work has been… More »

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