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Alberto García-Alix “Self-portrait”

The saddest part of this story was that when I asked them what will they do when these stone cells will get finished, which the engineers had left unused. And these village people neither have much fund nor permissions to blast a portion of that hill again. Really they don't have any answers. They remain silent as well as the valley remains always. Purulia, West Bengal - October 2017
© Alberto García-Alix
© Alberto García-Alix

31.07.2014 > 28.09.2014
Tuesdays to Sundays 11:00 – 14:00 and 17:00 – 21:00. Closed on Monday.
Curator: Nicolás Combarro
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Self-Portrait is not intended as a diary of Alberto García-Alix. It does not provide a chronological account of his life, nor is it meant as an egocentric exercise. His concept of self-portrait is very broad, for it takes in much of the work in which he sees himself reflected. It is hard to find a single piece by García-Alix that is not highly self-referential; indeed, his oeuvre as a whole might be regarded as forming a single large self-portrait.

In the course of his career, Alberto García-Alix (León, 1956) has received all the major Spanish awards, including the National Photography Prize (1999), the Madrid Regional Government Photography Prize (2004) and the PHotoEspaña Prize (2012). He has published a dozen photobooks and produced creative videos in which word and image are blended. His writings include around 50 essays and short stories.

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Véronique Poczobut, photo editor of PRIVATE magazine.

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