Paris sans fin

PARIS, FRANCE – August 2013 – Louvre
Paris sans fin, Michele Rieri

“For Paris there will be never end and the memoirs of whom has lived in, they differ all the one from the others. You always ended up returning us, to Paris, whoever we were, however it was changed or what that they were the difficulties or the facility with which you could be reached it. Paris was always worth the punishment of it and any gift you brought it, you received something of it in change. But this was the Paris of the beautiful gone times, when we were very poor and very happy.” (E. Hemingway)

Paris is Paris. A legend one. The legend of Ville Lumière. Belle Époque, poètes maudits, bistrot, Montmartre, Montparnasse, Père Lachaise cemetery, the ‘68th.

The french capital is a multifaceted city, magical, exciting, sometimes surprising and has something to offer to everyone who visits it. Exceptional architectural heritage, gastronomy, fashion and shopping. Paris is a city of culture, design, nightlife. A city that tries to combine the quality of life through sustainable development. Paris is a historic city and therefore. Paris will be Paris forever. Because Paris is sans fin.

PARIS, FRANCE – August 2013 – Louvre inside
PARIS, FRANCE – August 2013 – Le Carrousel
PARIS, FRANCE – August 2013 – Gargoyle de Notre Dame
PARIS, FRANCE – August 2013 – Pont des Arts
PARIS, FRANCE – August 2013 – Rue Mouffetarde
PARIS, FRANCE – August 2013 – Cafe La Rotonde
PARIS, FRANCE – August 2013 – Metro
PARIS, FRANCE – August 2013 – Pigalle
PARIS, FRANCE – August 2013 – Paris folies
PARIS, FRANCE – August 2013 – La fin de la fete
PARIS, FRANCE – August 2013 – Paris je t’aime

Q&A with Michele Rieri

Photography is…
My relation with photography? There’s one objective is being able, better than others, to describe it: unreasoning. If it were a woman it was a mistress.
The perfect mistress. Not a caprice. Not a torturing demon. But a complementary factor for architecture conscience. For my individual conscience. The hermetic and silent transformation of my perceptions. Of my way of seeing and assimilating the real outlining me. A necessity feeding itself constantly.
Photography is, for me, like a catharsis. It’s the hold to clasp reality. Extrapolating meaning.
I consider photography a kind of sculpture. Only one difference: total freeing from material applications. I mean all images are already inside time and reality, composed according to every potential point of view. Like the David or Pietà before standing in marble. Our eyes the tools to polish and make them eternal. By freeing them when they appear. A good photograph is a microcosm to be penetrated. To see stories needn’t words to be told. Or maybe too. A successful shot worths waiting for. Fatidical Instant. Coming true of an Instant. Indelible, to mark Imagery.

Photography and writing…
So, my desire is to be really considered as a photographer. And as a poet.
And therefore, writing too is very important in my creative road. On the other hand, i think these two arts are strictly joined. Cause photography can often tell better than any word. But, at the same time, words are really able to cause a lot of emotions and images in the mind. You know: the expression “images & words” is a must.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
I’ve a variegated cultural background. I love photography, cinema, literature, music, painture. So i received a lot of impressions by many artists. But the figures i venerate are four: Daido Moriyama, Arthur Rimbaud, Amedeo Modigliani, the Alice in chains.

Tell us a little about yourself
In Photography I trust. I’ve started shooting at age 20. I’m addicted of street and black and white genre. I love traveling and Paris sans fin is only one expression of this passion.
Now I’m working for the second series dedicated to Paris: Parisian Graves, an oneiric and claustrophobic vision about the graves of famous artists and figures buried in legendary parisian cemeteries.

Michele Punturieri

Michele Punturieri, born in Reggio Calabria, Italy, December of 1976. Degree in Economics. Free-lance photographer. Some of his works appeared on Italian and international webzines. Black and White street photography addict.

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