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Photo Festival La Gacilly

Bangalore, India – September 2018. Bangalore and San Francisco are sister cities. What is common about them? Do they gossip and whisper to each other? Do they meld and yet retain their unique identities? In this rush to become global cities how does a geography retain its unique cultural identity?
© Floriane de Lassée
© Floriane de Lassée

From May 31 to September 30, 2014
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Created 11 years ago, the “people & nature” photo festival of La Gacilly is an ethical and humanistic photography crossing eyes of photographers from the world of art and photojournalism.
Programming in 2014 : Ansel Adams, Nick Brandt, Pete McBride, Steve McCurry, Michael Nichols, Robert Capa, Russel James, Edouard Boubat, Guillaume Herbaut, Floriane de Lassée, Georges Mérillon, Mathieu Pernot, Patrick Tourneboeuf


the authorVéronique
Véronique Poczobut, photo editor of PRIVATE magazine.

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