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Les Chapieux, Géographie d’un secret


"The Great Needles at danw", from the Chapieux, Géography of a Scret book, 2014
“The Great Needles at dawn”, from the Chapieux, Geography of a Secret book, 2014

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Title: Les Chapieux, Géographie d’un secret | Autor: Céline Clanet, Bruno Berthier | Year of Publication: 2014 | Page Count: 144 | Size: 26X26 cm | Publisher: Actes Sud | ISBN 978-2-330-03073-5 | Volume Price: 35 euros | URL:

“Located on the steep south face of Mont Blanc (French side), the Chapieux valley is a high altitude site, inaccessible in winter due to avalanches threat. Whereas for centuries, only mountain farmers and soldiers ventured there – the first to produce their cheeses, the latter to fight in a famous border zone with Italy – from the end of the nineteenth century this remote region started to be popularized by the pioneers of mountaineering.
Mandated by the Facim Foundation, photographer Céline Clanet followed all the ones destined for these altitudes: farmers and their animals; hunters stalking mountain game; climbers and skiers looking for the dazzling heights. Through images and texts is outlined the portrait of one of those places that isolation and uncompromising beauty place at the forefront of human fantasies.” (Monograph introduction, published by Actes Sud)



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