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AkkasKhaneh Ziba

From "AkkasKhane Ziba" series. Personal Archive of Elahe Abdolahabadi.
From “AkkasKhane Ziba” series. Personal Archive of Elahe Abdolahabadi.

AkkasKhaneh Ziba
Akskhane Shahr Museum , Akskhane Shahr Museum, Bahar Shiraz Garden, Bahar Shiraz St., Tir Square, Tehran, Iran | Official Website
| Event date > from: 08-06-2014 to: 27-06-2014 | Opening hours: Sat-Wed. From 9 to 13 & 14 to 17 – Thursdays. From 9 to 13 – The museum is closed on Fridays and official holidays.

The photos of AkkasKhaneh Ziba
during the 40s – 70s; Isfahan

[A]kkasKhaneh Ziba was founded in 1941 by Reza Farzan in Shah street Isfahan, with this official announcement: “Ladies’ photography by woman for the first time in Isfahan”.
Until the early years of the Revolution, Farzan and his wife, Ashraf-o-Sadat Maghsoodi, were busy with the orders of customers both inside and outside of their gallery.

After the Revolution and with the increasing number of women photographers in galleries, AkkasKhaneh Ziba lost its prosperity, and its properties were sold in the year 2008 and one year later, the Gallery was destructed. (adapted from an interview with Reza Farzan and Ashraf-o-Sadat Maghsoodi, 2008)

The selected photos in this exhibition are the upshot of a curious study on AkkasKhaneh Ziba’s photos and a brief review of the Gallery’s photos of children, families and couples during the 40s – 70s.

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