ImageSingulières #6

©Richard Dumas / Sète #14
©Richard Dumas / Sète #14

ImageSingulières #6 | Event date from 28-05-2014 to 15-06-2014 | Opening hours 10am to 7pm | Official Website

The making of a successful festival is no easy ride. This sixth ImageSingulières Festival is no exception to the rule. We successfully remain faithful to our conventional points of reference: free, high standards and conviviality.

Richard Dumas is the guest photographer in residence. This deceptively hedonistic debonair soon found his feet here, and his book, the seventh in the ImageSingulières collection will once again provide an escape from Sète’s tourist-filled and civilised beaten paths!

Sergey Chilikov, photographer – and philosopher – who has exhibited very little in Europe, will present a very personal, very Slavic account of his country Russia since the seventies.

The centenary of the Second World War 1914-1918 will no doubt be celebrated left right and centre over the forthcoming months. We have chosen to pay tribute to Jean Jaurès, a visionary pacifist and defender of the working class, with a group exhibition “Women Work (too)” and a debate. ‘Work’ will thus be one of our three themes along with documentary style comic strip and Egypt.

Samuel Gratacap is at the CRAC with outstanding work on refugees and the young English photographer Liz Hingley who enters the world of Ken Loach with her ‘Jones family’ will be spokespersons for a young preoccupied and talented generation.

There is also the Dutch documentary maker Carel van Hees, who is coming to Sète with “>Play” an energetic fresco about the cross-cultural adolescent population in Rotterdam, and Gaston Paris, a little-known photographer from the thirties, to whom we are paying tribute.