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Renan Carvalhais | Cuba – the people

San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba – march 2013. Residents talking in the door in a ordinary evening of winter

This serie of photos of the cuban people was made during my one month travel around Cuba in march of 2013. While studying photo in the International School of Movie and TV, I put my foots on the roads of the island and known lots of small and big cities where I could make fantastic images from the people, who still live in a traditional way of life, where the children still play on the streets, the people look each other in the eyes and the life pass in a more slow rhythm.

My focus in this series was to show the real life and people from Cuba, not only the happy characters from the postal card. In these images, is possible to see how this people are in the small cities, like San Antonio de Los Baños and Guanabo, where the tourists don’t go.

To make these pictures, my technic was to approximate, ask about the person, make some funny from Brazil and ask the photo. In the most cases I had success because Cubans are photogenic by nature and was a pleasure to them see their image going to Brazil, a country they love.

Guanabo, Cuba – march 2013. Woman drinks her rum in a abandoned hotel in the beach
San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba – march 2013. Residents selling the few vegetables they got to help in the house financials
Havana, Cuba – march 2013. Athlets from the boxing academy hearing the instructions from the coach
Havana, Cuba – march 2013. Athlets from the boxing academy during the interval between the classes
Havana, Cuba – march 2013. Men in a domino game in a abandoned ground
Havana, Cuba – march 2013. Musicians playing in a square of Havana’s downtown during a presentation of salsa
San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba – Residents dancing american music during a party in a club of the city in a hot sunday evening
Havana, Cuba – march 2013. A guard of a public section of the cuban government stays alone in a desert street of the Old Havana
Havana, Cuba – march 2013. A barber works under the Che Guevara look
San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba – march 2013. A group of residents talking in a ground in a twesday evening
Havana, Cuba – march 2013. Residents watching the boxing trainning in the boxing academy of the city

renan-2Renan Carvalhais. “I’m graduated in journalism by the Universidade Anhembi Morumbi of São Paulo and have studied photography in the International School of Movie and TV of Cuba. I have worked in newspapers, magazines, TV channel and websites in Brazil as report, but my recent job is like photojournalist for the agency Futurapress in São Paulo, who distributes my pictures for the most important journals, magazines and websites of Brazil. In the same time I work as a independent photographer for my self.”

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