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Anik Rahman | Puppet Show

Difference, probably Sabed Ali Islam’s wife can feel it better. Sabed Ali Islam is a petrol bomb victim due to the opposition parties’ blockade and strike during driving CNG.

After every five years, the time for general election comes in Bangladesh, bringing with it a fresh season of despair and uncertainty. For the last couple of months, the nation has been passing through sheer horror and uncertainty due to the ongoing fierce political unrest that sparked from a couple of issues.

Recently, the chronic violent political demonstration by the opposition allies started posing threat to the lives of common people. Random usage of handmade bombs on streets forced many to be blind and cut off physical organs, while patrol-bombs, hurled on running vehicles, burnt several people alive.

The unconscionable political demonstration by the opposition parties and the illogical stance of the government are endangering the common people who are now the worst victim of this dirty political game. They talk about democracy, they talk about freedom, they talk about human rights, but where is their ideology when these half-burnt people moan on hospital beds? Where is their democracy when people die burning alive in running bus? Till 10/01/2014 the death toll from Dhaka Medical Burn Unit is 21 and the number of injured and under treatment victims are numerous. “Shame on our dirty politics where power is more important than the welfare of people. Here in Bangladesh, people are the puppets in the hands of our political leaders” – said one of the victims of present political demonstration.

The hunger of food, what they all know about life. The hunger of power, what all the politicians know about life. During the strike and road blockade of opposition party mostly the people who feed their family by daily income goes out in the street and become the puppet of stinky political practice and scream in the burn unit.
Mohammad Ripon, a petrol bomb victim who lost his one eye almost and got burnt almost every part of his body due to opposition parties road blockade. And he is the only earning person of his family.
Rehana putting jel to his husband’s burnt face who is a victim of political violence
Riad is another petrol bomb victim who is piece of diamond for his mother. After admitting Riad in DMC Burn Unit his mother didn’t take any rest for taking care his son. And suddenly in one afternoon her mom laid over his leg and slept.
Al-Amin is a minibus driver who feeds his family and for this he has to go out every morning to earn money. But during driving the minibus he was attacked by the political picketer.
Hasan is burnt more than 90% of his body and doctor is sending him to ICU.
Sabina came with the other member of her family to visit his dad in Dhaka Medical College Burn Unit and her dad is a petrol bomb victim.But one of his dad’s friend informed that Sabina’s dads face got burnt badly and she might get scared.And for this she was at the other part of the hospital with one of her uncle.
Sabina’s father in DMC burn unit.
A petrol bomb victim’s dead body was taken to Dhaka Medical Morgue.
And finally Hasan left this world at the age of 15 and his body was ready to reach his home for the funeral.
Murad’s wife is screaming after his death. He left two children with his wife. He was attacked by political picketer during driving his own truck which was damaged also.

Q&A with Anik Rahman

Photography is…

For me photography is a drug, without this I’m incomplete. I still remember that day when I’ve got a injury in my thumb I couldn’t pick my camera to press the shutter button and it made me crazy. Moreover photography is a very strong way to express my words and come up with the untold stories to the mass people. I believe that a single photograph can make you cry or can tear off your pain. There is no limit in photography. Every time I lost myself when I start writing about photography. It is such broad that I can’t conclude it.


Photography and writing…

I can’t exactly memorize where I first read it. In an article I saw a line, “A photograph tells more than thousand words”. So true is that. But the rising population around us is committing uncountable moments within a nano second. To record and to send those moments to the perfect place, I think Photography and Writing is like brother and sister. They both help each other to make sense quickly and to keep a strong journal as well.

Who left the biggest impression on you?

James Nachtway, the man. His words and photos work like a tonic for me. I was amazed by watching the documentary on him. That documentary was the biggest impression on me. Apart from that I am highly inspired by the work of Robert Capa , Pep Bonet, Kevin Frayer, Javier Manzano, Alejandro Chaskielberg, GMB Akash, MR Hasan and Abir Abdullah.

Tell us a little about yourself

I was born in the capital of Bangladesh named Dhaka. From my childhood I had a dream to be a cricketer, but somehow the dream was stolen in my dreams and never came in reality. From my childhood I used to use my father’s film camera just to take photos when my family was on holiday. Beside this I have a massive interest on reading newspaper and watching documentary films. After completing my graduation at 2012 the social ups and downs, economical stance of my country, climate changes of Bangladesh, political conflicts, human rights issues etc dragged me to start my career as a photographer. At 2013 I joined NurPhoto Agency as a photojournalist. Recently in 2014 I have won honorable mention in NPPA for Portrait and Personality category. Beside this I have numerous publications nationally and internationally.

anik001-1Anik Rahman (www.anikrahman.com) was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1988. He is a self-taught photographer. He began his career as a photographer back at 2012. He is basically interested in documenting the untold or unseen messages from the society. He loves to raise his voice towards humanity, honesty, truthfulness, respect through his photographs.

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