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Marco Marucci | The Nando’s Circus

Ravenna, Italy, August 2013

The Apollo circus started up in 2007 and then moved all around Italy, and abroad, with the new fellow Nando Orfei, whose name decorates the entrance. The Nando Orfei’s circus is indeed, one among few in Italy, made just of artists and no animals.

Inside the chapitò and even more behind the stage, the emotions alternate with rhythms driven by the continuous movement. A movement made of the places which change constantly under the wheels of the caravans, by the characters which swap bringing with them stories from far or by the youths which learn the circus art and propose new artistic techniques to be included in the show.
Commitment, passion and a strong feeling of community, are in contrast with a life rich in hard times and compromise, essential for such a old and severe profession.

Ravenna, Italy, August 2013
Ravenna, Italy, August 2013
Ravenna, Italy, August 2013
Ravenna, Italy, August 2013
Ravenna, Italy, August 2013
Ravenna, Italy, August 2013
Ravenna, Italy, August 2013
Ravenna, Italy, August 2013
Ravenna, Italy, August 2013
Ravenna, Italy, August 2013
Ravenna, Italy, August 2013

Q&A with Marco Marucci

Photography is…

Photography is my personal way to find out (my) sense of things and to tell it to the others.
Photography is a bridge, a strong connection, between the people I document of, and the people is watching my pictures. Being on that bridge gives power and big responsibility. Photography is the best way I can express my personality and catch the other’s ones.

Photography and writing…

Writing helps me a lot, defining the sense of the projects. Writing language has better defined structures and conventions, more than photography has. Integration between the two means enrich the total expression power.

Who left the biggest impression on you?

The biggest impression has been left by the simple people I met, during my work, which had not huge over-structure in their behavior. They acted sincerely, directly, maybe ingenuously, so they were more free, more open in front of the camera, so that we could exchange more.

Tell us a little about yourself

When I was about 19 y.o. a friend of mine bought all the equipments to develop and print photographs. I started to help her, to encourage her in this hobby. I soon found myself shooting with the old Yashica of my dad. The power of the mechanism, the chemistry,  made me understand that I had another point of view. Looking at the world through the view mirror gave me the chance to know more about myself.
When I began to be so interested in reportage, I gave new energy to this mean, but many things are not yet really cleared. Am I really able to listen, watch other lives, other reality – store them, elaborate them, and deliver them to other people? Am I really narrating someone else story, or that was just me, reflected in the prism of my camera?

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Marco Marucci

Marco Marucci was born in 1982 and lived nearly 20 years in Bari – south Italy. Starting from the curiosity about this land and the desire to document it, his love for photography grew up. Research on territory, portraits and reportage are part of the interest of his eye, which is everyday more and more hungry to try and express its personal view of experiences, sensations and emotions. He lives now in Turin.

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