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rome – 2012/2013. detail

Excerpt from the “Porto d’anime” project, realized in a former military base.
The building has been occupied for 10 years and a great effort has been made by people who live there, to make the place comfortable and easy to live in.

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Nowadays, after many years of work, the area includes more than 80 apartments, a tea room, a bike repair place and a juggling school. Recently this strong community of people is trying to improve the integration and communication process within the urban dynamics of the outskirts of Rome.

Q&A with Claudio Cerasoli

Photography is…

Walking, watching and occasionally shooting.

Photography and writing…

Are complementary. A good text serves to complete a project.

Who left the biggest impression on you?

Definitely the Italian authors such as Ghirri, Guidi, Chiramonte and Fontana, then there are Eggleston, Steven Shore and Harry Gruyaert.

Tell us a little about yourself

My passion for photography began from and with my grandfather. When I was just a kid I was surrounded by the photographs that he took during the Russian campaign WW2. And that’s how I began to love the sensation of a world described by someone else’s eyes.
Then I started to grow up, my grandfather became old, slightly blind. We used to walk in our ancient town and he wanted me to describe each small thing we went through, a narrow alley, a passerby, the silhouette of a building…And that’s how I began to love the sensation of describing the world through my own eyes.

rome – 2012/2013. portrait of a maroccan man
rome – 2012/2013. detail
rome – 2012/2013. a young woman during the practice at the juggling school
rome – 2012/2013. portrait of young boys
rome – 2012/2013. the yard, the place where the people meet each other
rome – 2012/2013. detail of the yard
rome – 2012/2013. portrait of maroccan man
rome – 2012/2013. a young man play the guitar in the yard
rome – 2012/2013. the corridor whit the doors of many flat
rome – 2012/2013. portrait of italian women
rome – 2012/2013. the city of rome from the roof of the building

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