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Mohammadreza Soltani Tehrani | The wind will carry us

M. Soltani Tehrani, The wind will carry us, PRIVATE 58, p. 26-27
M. Soltani Tehrani, The wind will carry us, PRIVATE 58, p. 26-27

Buy PRIVATE 58 [K]horramshahr is situated in the south of Iran. Being placed along the Persian Gulf and the Iraq border, it presents a very important strategic, political and economical condition; nevertheless Khorramshahr does not have potable water nor a natural gas public pipe line. Most people are unemployed. This big city only has one decent hospital.

Khorramshahr has been attacked several times by various enemies, for example the Ottomans in 1847 and Britain in 1883. Moreover, the city has been captured by Iraqi troops in 1982, remaining occupied for 20 months. The war finished almost 30 years ago, but we can still see the effects of Iraqi bombardments on the city buildings and structures: nothing has yet been done to renovate and rehabilitate the city.

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