Photo exhibition

Mare Mater by Patrick Zachmann

© Patrick Zachmann. Greece. August 2009. Island of Samos.
© Patrick Zachmann. Greece. August 2009. Island of Samos.
© Patrick Zachmann. Island of Samos (Greece), August 2009.

From the 29th of November to the 28th of January 2014
at the MuCEM – Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée
1, Esplanade du J4, boulevard du littoral – Marseille, 13002 – France
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“This is about a journey, a journey through memories and exiles. A journey that spins and weaves all the destinies I stumble upon. The fate of the emigrants leaving their country south of the Mediterranean Sea in order to evade joblesness, boredom, the lack of a future, and the fate of the mothers who let them go away or realize that they’re gone? Today, I’m starting the travel in reverse. I leave in search of my long-forgotten origins, of the missing images in my family photo album.”

Through videos and photographs, Patrick Zachmann, a member of Magnum Photos, compares his own family history with that of migrants today. He focuses in particular on migrants’ relationships to the sea (mare) they had to cross and to the mother (mater) they left behind.

the authorVéronique
Véronique Poczobut, photo editor of PRIVATE magazine.