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Hamid Janipour | Old Shalyar

Hamid Janipour, Old Shalyar, PRIVATE 58, p. 54-55
Hamid Janipour, Old Shalyar, PRIVATE 58, p. 54-55


This ceremony is held each year Wednesday and Tuesday in half of February. According to some historians, it has been celebrated for more than a thousand years. “Old Shalyar Wedding Ceremony” is a common ceremony, which is held 45 days after the winter begins and it take place in 2 weeks. This is about the wedding of an fable old man named “Shalyar” that has its roots in Old myths and rituals in this land. The ceremony on Tuesday evening begins with “Klav Rucheneh” event and “Shalyar” garden walnuts split between the villagers then sacrifice cows, sheep, goats, cooking special meals, playing “Daf” and “Sama” dance performance, wakes, soiree and also play solemn vows between people, also Shbnshyny ceremonies and restore the old leather shoes and blessing that and bake a special bread called “Klyreh Mozhgeh” (which made of paste of flour, chopped walnuts and onions) will continue for three consecutive days.

Flat “Uraman” or “Horam” is an East-west vale and lies slopes steeply in facing mountain. It is located 1450 meters above sea level. The village’s houses are made of stones and it is like stair (The yard of the building above is the roof of the building below) therefore named as “thousand’s Masuleh”. This village is popular among people in rural areas to “Uraman”. They believe that someday it was a huge central city therefore they call it the capital of “Uraman”.



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