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Yuyang Liu | Auspicious Things

SHANGHAI, CHINA – March 2013. A Surveillance cameras is on the wall of a university.

If there is something existing everywhere and everytime in our normal life, it must be human consciousness except the air. We are surrounded by various elements such as politics, economics and culture, and we may be influenced by the elements unknowingly, then react to the society.

The things branded in people’s heart are just like a kind of religion being believed and worshiped, this is also why I call my work Auspicious Things.
The photos are taken by my Android phone from dribs and drabs in my life.

CHENGDU, CHINA – February 2013. Spring Festival, migrant workers’ parcels were put under the corner which there is a HARMONY on the wall.
ZIYANG, CHINA – January 2013. Posters of the venereal hospital and The Communist Party’s propaganda materials are put on the same wall.
CHENGDU, CHINA – January 2013. The orange peel was discarded into the mouth of a Chinese guardian lions.
ZIYANG, CHINA – January 2013. Someone is cleaning the painting with the ex-president of and a charity businessman.
ZIYANG, CHINA – January 2013. The national flag of China and the plutus cat were put together in the shop window.
ZIYANG, CHINA – August 2013. A man is sitting on the Confucius statue.
CHENGDU, CHINA – July 2013. The books about Chinese Dream, the new president of China advances the Chinese Dream Theory.
HARBIN, CHINA – September 2013. Billboard with Chinese Dream (but one charactor was behind the tree, so the meaning became In a Dream).
CHENGDU, CHINA – January 2013. Crowded people were snapping up a cellphone.
SHANGHAI, CHINA – December 2012. A bulletin board with portraits of the workers without names.
SHANGHAI, CHINA – May 2013. The choir was singing the praises of Mao Zedong, it’s 37 years after the Cultural Revolution.

YuyangLiu-portraitYuyang Liu, born in Sichuan on 1991, study History in Shanghai now. Contracted Photographer of Getty Images China, OFPiX Photo Agency, Xinhua News Agency and China Foto Press.

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