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Alireza Fani | A Memorial For Today

Alireza Fani, A Memorial For Todat. PRIVATE 58, p. 66-67 (66-71)
Alireza Fani, A Memorial For Todat. PRIVATE 58, p. 66-67 (66-71)


A reflection on how we pass our days and spend our most private moments in utter passivity, a chronic passivity we have apparently invited of our own accord. Our acceptance of this passive lifestyle has led us to turn a blind eye to other alternatives, taking them for granted. We may either attribute our social “incongruities” to this individual attitude or simply seek to blame them on some alien element.

A Memorial for Today series, reality replaces fantasy and criticism of the external and gives way to exploring the internal world; Fani substitutes contemplative vagueness for explicit symbolism. He moves from manipulated photography and photomontage to staged photography. The series reminds us of Jeff Wall and Gregory Crewdson the two most important and well-known staged photographers of the world with striking technique and quality, the first one is concerned about the social aspects of art, and the latter’s preoccupation is the culture of his country. As if people in this series – single, coupled, or in groups – exhausted of something unknown, have been frozen everywhere: at home, in restaurants or art galleries. The minimal spaces and lack of movement and interaction with the others and surroundings intensify the silence and stillness and invite us to focus on figures exclusively.
What’s happened? Why do they look like this? Is it because of a deadly poison, disseminated in air? Or is it a kind of ritual, repeating a holy name, a meditation, a sacred trance, or a deep contemplation? What’s the reason for this freezing that captures everyone in his/her most private moments; in bath towels looking in the mirror, in home in front of TV set, beside an empty table, and in a gallery watching an artwork? The viewers must answer these questions. We have left a long way behind too; we have departed commotions in streets, and have reached contemplation, or passiveness maybe!
 [Hamid Severi]

Q&A with Alireza Fani

Photography is…

To me its a powerful language for explaining my ideas.

Photography and writing…

Private Photo Review 😉

Who left the biggest impression on you?

The country I live in, Johan sebastian Bach, Ahmad Shamlou (Iranian contemporary poet).

alireza-faniAlireza Fani ( I was born in 1975 in Tehran-Iran. I received diploma in graphic design from Chamran technical high school of Gorgan, in 1994 I entered to Azad university of art and architecture and studied graphic design then I resigned in 2000. I’ve been working as graphic designer, art director and freelance photographer since 1997 and started to be more focus on fine art photography since 2007.



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