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Mateusz Sarello | Swell

from the book "Swell"
from the book "Swell"
from the book “Swell”

Title: Swell • Autor: Mateusz Sarello
Year of Publication: 2013 • Page Count: 88 • Size: 172 x 207 mm • Publisher: Instytut Kultury Wizualnej • ISBN Number: 978-83-63025-16-8 •  Price: 20 euro

Road. Winter. Void.
Void of everything that is important. I am trying to think about the “road.” I cannot. I am completely exhausted. All in all, I am going only because of the weather. The prospect of wind, snow, and my flashes on the beach did not let me sleep. Besides, I am afraid of the few days of thinking only about Her, and this way I will have the Baltic Sea. My Baltic Sea. Instead of.

It was aimed to be a documentary project about the Baltic Sea. A plan was made, a reconsidered form, places to visit checked on the map, however sometimes it is better not to plan anything. “Swell” is a story about parting and the disapproval of loneliness. It is about coming back to the same places, memories that cannot be forgotten and about relief. This book is a chapter from the life of many of us.

Book “Swell” received 3rd prize at the International Photography Awards in Los Angeles.

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