Park Life

Trees in the park provide shelter to urban birds.

City parks are places for refreshment. People come here to seek solitude and breathe fresh air – indeed it gives urban people a sense of openness. With the rapid urbanization of Dhaka city, greenery is diminishing day by day. The city has a burden of more than twenty million people most of them migrated here for opportunities.
The fate of existence of vegetation and natural water reservoirs are determined by powerful people – corruption and lack of good governance are the causes. Public parks, open spaces and playgrounds around the city are the only resorts for the general people. A few of these parks are the floating slums fraught with unhygienic conditions and diseases.

The flora of Dhaka is totally threatened by desperate urbanization and industrialization. Areas with extensive vegetation are not only the source of oxygen but also helps prevent air pollution as well as maintain ecological balance by providing refuge for birds and stray animals. The city has already been declared as the most unlivable city in the world. It is important to decentralize the city of Dhaka as well as to increase the number of parks and other recreation facilities to save the city from any impending disaster.

A street prostitute is bathing in a park lake.
A street mother is having her daily wash.

Boy with his horse entertains people in the park.
Street dogs find safe shelter and source of food in the park.
A street show on anti tiger killing campaign in the park.
Horse had a wash in the park lake.