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Andrea Brera
Articolo 11 (Italian Resistance faces 1943 – 1945)

Milan - april 2013. © Andrea Brera
Milan – april 2013. © Andrea Brera

Italy rejects war as an instrument of aggression against the freedom of other peoples and as a means of settling international disputes […] – art. 11 Italian constitution

The Italian Resistance, commonly called the Resistance, was the set of political and military movements in Italy after the armistice of Cassibile opposed to Nazism in the war of liberation Italian.

The Resistance movement – historically framed in the wider European phenomenon of resistance to Nazi-Fascist occupation – was characterized in Italy by the commitment unit of multiple and sometimes opposing political orientations, mostly gathered in the National Liberation Committee (CLN), whose component parties would later formed together the first post-war governments.

The Resistance is the historical phenomenon in which to be found the origins of the Italian Republic: the Constituent Assembly was largely composed of representatives of the parties who had given birth to the CLN, who wrote the Constitution basing it on the synthesis between their respective political traditions He inspired and the principles of democracy and anti-fascism.

Milan – may 2013
Milan – june 2013
Milan – may 2013
Milan – may 2013
Monza – may 2013
Milan – june 2013
Milan – may 2013

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