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Felipe Casaca | Affections

Tokyo, Japan – May 2012. Portrait of Toshihito with his reproduction of the ‘starry night’.

‘Affections’ documents the persons who have had an impact on me during the time I lived in Tokyo.
My wife Teresa, my friends, and others with their personal stories – they are represented in their different emotional states and with a tense body language.

The presence of my private space – my room – its composition and my how my personal objects are dispose in a manner I could keep my organization, my identity, which are tune with my necessity to find a resemblance to this space on the outside of room.

Tokyo, Japan – November 2012. Window and entrance to my home.
Tokyo, Japan – May 2012. My wife Teresa staring thought the window at home.
Tokyo, Japan – November 2012. My Mattress inside the closer.
Tokyo, Japan – November 2012. Portrait of Yoda.
Tokyo, Japan – May 2012. Self-portrait.
Tokyo, Japan – November 2012. My chair against the wall.
Tokyo, Japan – May 2012. My wife Teresa in bed.
Tokyo, Japan – November 2012. Covered window in the surroundings of home.
Yokohama, Japan – May 2012. Portrait of Tattooist Horiyoshi III.
Tokyo, Japan – November 2012. The mirror of my room.
Tokyo, Japan – May 2012. My wife Teresa looking at me.

Filipe Casaca

Filipe Casaca, Portugal, 1983. Graduated in Photography and attended the Artist in Residence Yamanashi (AIRY) (Japan). Exhibited my home is where you are in 2011 at Pente 10 Gallery (Lisbon) and at AIRY. In 2012 he exhibited Blue Mud Swamp at Pente 10. In 2013 exhibited Affections at Institute Cervantes of Tokyo and was selected for the exhibition Young Portfolio Acquisition at Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (Japan). Published the books my home is where you are, and Blue Mud Swamp.

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