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Anik Rahman | Life Under Construction

People are running to find their family member and relative who were rescued from the collapsed Rana Plaza and admitted in Enam Medical College & Hospital. (27th April, 2013)

24th April 2013, it was just like an another random day for all the Bangladeshi people. A day started with lots of pressure with work for the working people and so on for other people with their duty. But who knew that the next day will be the day of mourning for this date.
Yes, it was an another disaster, another war to get alive, another collapse for the RMG (Ready Made Garment) worker’s life. Rana plaza, an eight storied commercial building collapsed within few seconds at the begining of the working hour, as there was a crack on the pillar before. But the workers were forced to work after knowing the danger. And there was six garment factory on that building. Lots of people joined willingly to rescue those people woth all the force who were stucked inside the collapsed Rana Plaza.

More than 500 people got died and injured more than 2500 people. And most of the injured people got admitted into a nearer hospital of Rana Plaza named “Enam Medical College & Hospital” as the victim got injured badly in their leg, hand, eye, back, head and so on.

In Enam Medical College & Hospital the victim of Savar Tragedy 2013 has been facing the most fatal tragedy of their life. They earn $70 (Maximum) in a month. So paying the medical fees and buying some good food for a quick recovery is also a big question for them, where the answer in NIL.

But there sufferings and war of life never ends. They still look for hope to breath. Some victim claimed to get died was a better option. And their life at Enam Medical College & Hospital portrays how to overcome in the race of life, probably constructing again and again. And this is the most ugly truth in the world.

She was waiting for her daughter to come out from Operation Theater. (27th April, 2013)
Some of them came from other districts to visit their family member and relative.As they don’t have anyone in Dhaka city, they settled themselves in the hospital ground. (27th April, 2013)
One of the general ward of Enam Medical College & Hospital, full of Collapsed Rana Plaza Victims. (27th April, 2013)
Lots of relatives were waiting for the visiting hour to visit their injured relatives. (27th April, 2013)
The injured lady’s face got stacked between two pillars.And she was facing trouble to make sound. (27th April, 2013)
She was badly injured by debris over her head. (27th April, 2013)
He used to run sewing machine, where hand is a big role.After breaking his hand he lost himself from inside thinking of his future. (27th April, 2013)
He had severe injury on his nose.He could hardly resist the pain.So the doctor gave him sleeping pills for a good rest. (27th April, 2013)
This hand was stacked under debris for three days. (27th April, 2013)
People like him usually chose to work in the garments only to have food. And now he was offered food it was useless to him indeed because of the damage he had. (27th April, 2013)
Lots of people lost their leg which is the most pathetic news for them.Without leg they can’t even imagine to go for work. (27th April, 2013)
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