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Khairil Safwan | Faith and Honour

Nor Shahirah just started wearing a veil and felt secure when in public space (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-April 15 2013)
[M]y project discoverd the issues which hover over the head covering worn in public by some Muslim women or hijab (veil) donned my Muslim women to protect their demureness.

The steadfast challenged myself to discover the regimes of the Muslim women in his place of birth. The clandestine nature of hijab (veil) is acknowledged. Nevertheless, this young enthusiast valiantly dwells in this secret to enhance his knowledge in the aforementioned faith and honour which have long been close at heart and uphold by my adored mother, cherished sisters, respected neighbours and all the women who have walked into my life. Hijab (veil) is only a symbolic depiction of a religious decree.

The actual faith and honour lies in the women themselves which should be discovered to see the beauty in the religious code that governs the wearing of such clothing. Faith and Honour opens the door to a more intimate viewpoint of a Muslim woman’s private life and what she chooses to adhere. The strength of faith in a Muslim woman will ensure the eternal demureness ages and ages hence.

my mum wearing a veil in her working space in our house. (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- 25 Dec 2013)
Mohd Rizal kissed my cousin Perapuspita after wedding ceremony in mosque (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-March 3 2012)
Yasmin Matthew a singer of a hardcore band (Maddhelin) perform in underground gig in Kuala Lumpur. Yasmin Matthew just started wearing a veil. (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- March 31 2013)
A muslim nurse give an advise softly to patient (Ramli Abbas), (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- March 30 2012)
A group of muslim women smiling to each other after Eidul Adha prayer (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-Oct 26 2012)
My friend , Jasnida Abdullah trying a veil in a shop in Kuala Lumpur. Veil widely become famous through fashion in tenagers world, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- April 28 2013
my mum dress displayed in her room (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- March 3 2013)
My mum prays in his working space in our house. My mum does not have formal education but for she have a strong believed in islam religion. (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- April 8 2012)
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