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Luke McGowan | And Then There Were None

UNITED KINGDOM, FEB 2013 , The land of the fox
[T]he typical hunting act in society’s mind is a naive and inconspicuous event. Something that I have noticed while working on this project, is that the majority of people seem to have very little education on the subject, and it can often be considered as a devastating and inhumane past time.
The way that I have noticed this, is the way people have reacted when I have told them about this body of work and my project. It takes people that hold the enthusiasm for the act years to convince people about hunting, yet it can take one activist ten seconds with one sentence or a shock tactic image to make people dislike it. In 2005 a hunting act on mammals was put in place and hunting for foxes was made illegal. This did not stop everyone. There are people involved with this activity, who have practiced it for much of their lives and who just can’t give it up now.

During the project I wanted to document the event without any opinions cast upon my imagery. I wanted to capture it as it really is. I joined some members of a close hunting community in the event of an illegal fox hunt that took place at some very closed off locations. I wanted to capture the pride that these people cannot relinquish, removing the bias approach to create a documented body of work on the subject of Illegal Fox Hunting. My aim is not to pass judgement on the act in any way, but to show the reality of the event, and the passion that flows through these wooded areas whenever a horn is heard.

UNITED KINGDOM, FEB 2013 , The Hunting grounds & Hounds
UNITED KINGDOM, FEB 2013 , Preparing The Hounds
UNITED KINGDOM, FEB 2013 , Digging For There Prey
UNITED KINGDOM, FEB 2013 , Greedy Hounds FIght over Fox
UNITED KINGDOM, FEB 2013 , The Final Scenario
UNITED KINGDOM, FEB 2013 , Planning The Next Move
UNITED KINGDOM, FEB 2013 , The Prize
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