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Corinne Mariaud : Je ne suis pas un homme

Trophée #1, ©Galerie Annie Gabrielli/Corinne Mariaud
Trophée #1, ©Galerie Annie Gabrielli/Corinne Mariaud
Trophée #1, ©Galerie Annie Gabrielli/Corinne Mariaud

Corinne Mariaud : Je ne suis pas un homme (I am not a man)
Galerie Annie Gabrielli, Montpellier, 33 avenue de Nîmes 34000, France, Map It
> from: 17-05-2013 to: 15-06-2013
> opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday, 3pm-7pm

[A]lways faithful to her promotional approach of the most diversified contemporary photography, Annie Gabrielli gallery chose to expose Corinne Mariaud, press photographer who invests several artistic forms by way of fashion and visual arts.
The exhibition includes three series revealing each a small part of “Climax” (2010), and her last two works “I am not a man ” (common denominator of three series) and “Trophies”.

Corinne Mariaud realizes works in which the woman faces a priori on her sex, in an unexpected way, provocating, sometimes funny.
She diverts the idealized woman’s image to question body and feminine representations, she gets involved in her models to question their own femininity and their feminine identity. In her Trophies, beyond the fascination for the beauty which we capture and makes harmless, the artist highlights, in a contained way, the fascination for the death, the trophy evoking violence and death.
More than a critical reflection or a feminist denunciation, the art of Corinne Mariaud is a quest absolved from identity.
Corinne Mariaud is awarded a diploma by the Arts high school Duperré, she lives and works in Paris.

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