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Never Straightforward: Excerpt Magazine’s #5

Field Columbian Museum Moon Model, unknown photographer, 1898. Excerpt Magazine's Issue 5 cover image

[T]he photo-based projects in Excerpt Magazine Issue #5 at contain warps and kinks in the way they transmit information. This is summed up perfectly in the first image by Nathan Lyons, text hovers within the frame that reads “Don’t Believe Your Eyes”. Just as the text is embedded within the photo, the trustworthiness of images across the issue comes in to play. Heading in to our fifth Issue Excerpt Magazine was determined to continue to tease out concerns within photography and gravitated towards it’s disruptive potential. The 94 pages that resulted are at times bombastic, at times gently troubling or amusing but they are never straightforward.

Editor Amy Marjoram and Creative Director Caitlin Smooker have brought the many projects in this compelling issue together in a tightly edited and designed volume featuring the work of: Asger Carlsen + Aline Smithson + Amy Lombard + Annabelle Kingston + Bridget Collins + Carl Burgess + Ellinor Forsberg + Glenn Sloggett + John Alexander + Kyle Weise + Lance Wakeling + Louis Porter + MacDonaldStrand + Martin John Callanan + Mathew Lynn + Matthew Harris + Michael Schäfer + Nadège Mériau + Nathan Hill + Nathan Lyons + Patrick Cremin + Pau Waelder + Paul Batt + Phil Kneen + Pippa Milne + Scott McCulloch + Sheridan Mills + Stefan Abrams + Sun Yanchu + Terence Hogan + Yanni Florence + Yvonne Todd.

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