Julia Komissaroff | Homage to unknown father

Saint Petersburg. 2008 “Tochka” (точка) is a popular euphemism for an outdoor market for prostitutes in Moscow and other large Russian cities, a word literally meaning ‘point’ or ‘location’ in Russian.

My father is dead for ten years now. I saw him just once. He was born in filtration camp in Riga, Latvia.
His father was an injured Russian soldier working in a camp as a guard. His mother was 16 year inmate just after her Ostarbeiter forced labor. It was not a love story. My grandfather was an alcoholic, my father became too.

I left the USSR in 91’. Just 14 years old. My mother protected me from my father’s world.
When I’m in Russia this world is finding me.

Saint Petersburg. 2008. Drunk men fight.
Saint Petersburg. 2002 A man who is imprisoned for 15 day period for public drinking.
Moscow. Russia. 2002. Child beggar on Novii Arbat street
Moscow. Russia. 2012. Board near White House.
Moscow. Russia. 2012. Fox at zoo.
Saint Petersburg. Russia 2002. Homeless boy plays with the turist boy near Kazanskii Sobor.
Saint Petersburg. Russia 2012. Homeless men.
Saint Petersburg. Russia 2008. The Scarlet Sails. The Scarlet Sails show celebrating the end of school year.
Saint Petersburg. Russia 2008. Lovers.
Saint Petersburg. Russia 2002. Old man with criminal record watch the chess game.
Moscow. Russia. 2002. The day of VDV. The of Airborne forces of Russia.


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