What’s Real – Workshop with Massimo Mastrorillo

Workshop: What’s Real – with Massimo Mastrorillo | 6 and 7 April 2013, Rome, Italy.
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What is real in a world flooded with images and text?
What lies behind our own vision of things?
How to tell a story when no one really knows what is the story?
Look in depth, and don’t follow trends.
Learn how to use the images as if they were words.
Put them together, to relate, inform and leave room for imagination.

A workshop to learn how to see in a different way, using all the sense organs.
A workshop for people, authors, ready to questioning.
During the two-days workshop students will discuss with Massimo Mastrorillo about contemporary photojournalism, personal research and the role of the photographer today.

Massimo Mastrorillo will show his work through his major photographic projects, from Mozambique to Indonesia until the last “Life after Zero Hour.”
The goal of the workshop is to encourage students to break away from stereotypical narrative solutions, using the pictures as if they were words: learning to see in a different way, using all the sense organs.


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