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Seamus Murphy | What Sustains the Revolution?

Seamus Murphy, PRIVATE 57
Seamus Murphy, What Sustains the Revolution?, PRIVATE 57, p. 48-49 (48-51)

Buy PRIVATE 57 [F]or most Syrians the Arab Spring is a distant memory, a faded hope. Real hopes for supplies, engagement, intervention even just some form of help from foreign powers have been long abandoned. But what has sustained the revolution in Syria is their opposition network.

The network is the arterial core of the Syrian revolution and the main target for Assad in his efforts to crush dissent. And the network is everywhere. It has cells in Turkish refugee camps, smugglers on the border, guides in the mountains, safe houses in every village and town inside Northern Syria.
Children act as look-outs and courier messages; medics operate secret clinics; scouts use motorbikes and horses and, of course, there are the rebel fighters among the hills, farms and olive orchards.

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